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Quality People - what's your salary?

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  • Quality People - what's your salary?

    This is the largest faux pas I've ever done, but anyone in a brewing quality department - what's your salary? How long have you been with the company and what was your experience before?
    Peter Cronin
    Senior Quality Analyst
    AleSmith Brewing Company

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    I too am curious about this. I wish I could give you some numbers from a Brewery perspective but as an Environmental Analyst in a lab for 13 yrs I make 30-32K. I am looking to find a position in a brewery and feel that I could easily handle everything a brewery lab would analyze. I just have been hesitant to apply because I am not sure what they pay (that and I haven't finished my brewer certificate yet). The salary I make seems a little low for our industry but possibly might be too high for breweries, especially small ones.


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      I interviewed last year for a QC Manager position at a mid-size brewery (35K/bbls/year) in Denver. I didn't get the position, but they told me my request for $45K/year was in their range. Unlike the $100K some applicants had requested!


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        I have brewed in brewpubs, established production breweries, and start ups.

        As an assistant brewer in the mid and late 90s, I was hourly and making from $10-$14 per hour. $14 was at a well established brewpub and I was the highest paid assistant, so I was told.

        In a start up, I was offered $50K to help establish, build, and essentially do everything possible to help make the place successful. After negotiating, we settled on $65K plus bonuses based on production levels and sales goals.

        I won't say what I am earning now. I am in the startup phase once again for a production brewery (20x40bbl with a capacity goal of about 9000bbl. I could brew more in our 12000sqft, but we don't want to have to. This is my business(with a partner), however we are budgeted properly which allows me to actually get paid from day negative 4months. Yup! I am being paid as we build, get branding done, and get the brewery up and running. The salary is quite good actually as my partner (who isn't directly involved) understands what it takes to make this work. An underpaid and under appreciated employee or partner is not the type of person I want to be or want to work with...

        Here's my thoughts.
        Hourly should range from $13-$16 for a well trained, experienced shift brewer/cellarperson.
        For someone with zero experience, pay them $10/hr. If they do well, honor them with a tough more as soon as you feel fit.
        $50K is a comfortable spot where I live for a lead brewing position.
        For the Brewery Manager, I would like to see $60K.
        I know people that are in the $80-$100K range for a management position. This is at well established regional and national breweries.

        This make sense to you!!??
        Matthew Steinberg
        Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co.
        Framingham, MA USA

        Head Brewer
        Filler of Vessels
        Seller of Liquid
        Barreled Beer Aging Specialist
        Yeast Wrangler
        Microbe Handler
        Malt Slinger
        Hop Sniffer
        Food Eater
        Music Listener