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  • Canning Quality Control

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to open a quality control thread for canning. What quality parameters are necessary to ensure a stable, high quality product from BBT to consumer? What tests do you conduct, which ones would you like to do etc.?


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    Hi Matthias,

    We are currently doing the following during each canning run:

    Seam evaluation, fill checks, packaged CO2, DO, TPO, pH, Haze, and micro throughout the run.

    I also incubate cans at 30C for 2 weeks and 1 month for a force aging test. I couldn't find any written protocol specifically for cans, just bottles so I had to improvise. If anyone has any force aging protocols for cans please share. Don't force age at 60C as the can is not meant to withstand that pressure.

    I also monitor carbonation over a 3 month period for each packaging run (warm stored beer).




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      You also want to do seam checks (Body hook, Seam depth, Cover hook, Seam width ect.). One leaking can in a pallet will cause other cans to leak due to secondary corrosion, especially in the summer or if shrink wrapped. The can manufacturer will show you how to do this with a micrometer and tell you what their parameters are. Trust me on's important.


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        We have done now a few runs and this is what we do so far. Some of the tests are only indirectly related to the canning itself but can obviously ruin your product.
        - force fermentation
        - force diacetyl
        - ABV
        - CO2, temperature, pressure in BBT
        - sensory in BBT
        - seam length, width, countersink depth, body hook and endhook length
        - checking for lose parts in filler housing before the run
        - fill level statistic over the whole run
        - Sensory in can
        - bbf date check
        - pH in BBT
        - full micro of BBT (beer spoiler, wild yeast)
        - full micro of can
        - back samples for legal reasons
        - back samples for sensory purposes
        - incubate can at 30C for two weeks
        - pH in can
        - force diacetyl in fresh can

        No DO meter yet but when we have one I will add:
        - DO in BBT
        - DO from transfer hose going into BBT
        - DO, TPO in Can