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Cleaning Soda / Pop Bag in a Box lines

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  • Cleaning Soda / Pop Bag in a Box lines

    Anyone ever circulate chemicals through their bag in a box soda pop lines?
    I feel like ours are overdue to clean and I see they sell attachments to do it.
    I was figuring on using a similar regimen as our draft beer lines.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've never heard of anyone cleaning these lines... I'd like feedback, as well.


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      I'd check with your beverage supplier first, but I can see no reason why soda lines should not be cleaned exactly the same as beer lines, with the same frequency.
      Timm Turrentine

      Terminal Gravity Brewing,
      Enterprise. Oregon.


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        I don't think I have ever seen it down, but logic tell me that it should be


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          I would clean it the same as my beer lines. If the materials wont stand up to the regular caustic and acid treatments, I don't really want them around.

          FWIW, I have run soda down my beer lines many times, and just cleaned them the same. Not quite the same situation, but if your soda lines and parts are made of the same materials, you shouldn't have any issues. Temperatures would be my main concern. Little plastic parts tend not to do well with high temperatures.


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            i will talk with the Pepsi guys this week and see what they say. maybe a fast food manager too?
            there are bag-in-a-box connectors out there that you could buy along with manifolds for cleaning.
            totally agree with temperature being an issue.
            so many articles out there about bacteria buildup on these units and its shocking how soda tastes different from one place to the next