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DO/CO2 meter and piercer for QC

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  • DO/CO2 meter and piercer for QC

    I am looking for some recommendations on a solid DO meter and can piercer combo for QC. The DO meter would be used to track DO through production as well. I have looked into the Haffmans Gehaltemeter and the Beverly form Hamilton so far. It seems that the Gehaltemeter is the only meter that does CO2/O2 and TPO. Does anyone have good results with these meters as well as recommendations for a can piercer? Thanks!

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    Hach orbisphere and Zahm piercer

    Putting my opinion out there for the Hach orbisphere, this model can give you an accurate DO reading with the volume in a 12oz bottle which is something to consider since some of the cons of the less expensive units are that they need a larger volume for accurate readings. If you want CO2 then a Zahm shaker would be a solid choice but if you're dead set on a digital measurement of dissolved CO2 then consider the Anton Paar Cbox, hard to go wrong with that brand, though as a disclaimer I do not use a Cbox. Which leads me to my last point, don't buy anything without contacting the rep for the instrument and demo the instrument you want for as long as they'll let you, most folks should be willing to leave a machine with you for several days. In those several days, use the instrument ALOT and write everything down so you can compare before you make your purchase.

    Good luck,


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      Thanks for the reply! Does any one have a line a a quality piercer for cans? I've seen the Zahm & Nagel but can't find anything else


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        Anton Paar CboxQC At-Line plus an Anton Paar PFD for can and bottle piercing. Measures DO, CO2 and TPO. If you contact your local Anton Paar rep they'll probably bring one out to demo for you.


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          zahm it up

          Zahm will be the cheapest (believe it or not) for the piercer. Hamilton Beverly for DO...or Hach etc. All will work fine
          Larry Horwitz


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            You might want to contact Chris Nimptsch at Profamo about can/bottle piercers.