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Ethanol reference standards

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  • YanezInc
    Hello there,

    You can normally produce your own calibration standards by blending pure lab grade Ethanol 99.99% and distilled water. You would normally use a volumetric flask, a graduated pipette and a bulb/pump. That is the way that we deal with our Alcolyzer and that's what we also have discussed with out cus rep so I would go for that solution. Keep in mind that these solutions be rather prepared in tight sealed container as alcohol might tend to evaporate. You could even throw them in the fridge if you have one available in your lab just to make sure that you are minimizing evaporation losses.


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  • craiggles
    started a topic Ethanol reference standards

    Ethanol reference standards

    Hi folks,

    Wondering where people find their Ethanol calibration standards for alcolyzers and the like. Thus far all I can find are ampules of low abv (I think, the concentrations are typically expressed as mg/dl) and they're also quite expensive.