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Managing Dissolved Oxygen Levels-What systems are out there ?

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  • Managing Dissolved Oxygen Levels-What systems are out there ?

    Hey all!

    We have a small brewery operation in Norway running a canning line, up until now have have sent samples to a lab to check packaging oxygen, that has worked ok. However we think its time to buy our own system considering the hassle that you need to deliver the sample within a 30 min to get a good reading.
    Searching online i cant find other systems then Anton Paars OXYQC system and piercer, and that is some expensive stuff for a simple oxygen reading (about 14000 USD).

    So my question is what kind of systems do you guys in the US use, and price point?.


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    The Anton Paar CBox has been my favorite tool of them all, but quite expensive. Last setup I quoted was around $22K USD. Cheaper options are The Beverly by Hamilton, and Orbisphere by Hach. I believe Pentair also offers an optical based unit for dissolved o2, but its been a while since I looked. Quotes from a few years back would put the Orbisphere in between the AP and the Hamilton. Hamilton was at $6-8K USD a handful of years back. You will likely need a separate piercer too, probably from Zahm & Nagel.