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  • Big Two-hundee!

    Next week, I will be brewing my 200th solo batch of beer. I am going to use Centennial hops, and keep it VERY sessionable (since I will sell pints for 200 cents). Any suggestions on a malt bill? I was thinking an Amber Rye with a fair amount of residual sweetness and caramel character. Any thoughts? And thank you Probrewer for being there when I needed guidance. I will raise a mug to all of you who have blessed me with your knowlege throughout the years! Cheers!


    "Reached for a beer, glad that I'm here. When I realize that your not around!"

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    Way to go Mr. Jay!!


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      Somehow doubling Centennial would seem appropriate!


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        Thanks, folks! Thinking about this beer: I don't typically use higher %'ages of caramel or crystal malts in conjunction w/ rye or wheat. My concern is a lack of diastatic power. On the other hand, my intention is to keep the abv around 4-4.7 using a pretty attenuative strain. Perhaps I am mixing apples with oranges thinking one has to do with the other. It concerns me, because with 200 batches under my belt, I ought to know this by now. I suppose it's never been an issue because it's never "come up" in the more straitforward styles I normally brew - and like anything, I fell into a routine that made it easy to not have to think about things like this.


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          There is something to be said by stretching one's comfort zone. After any number of brews, there is always more to learn!
          Personally I'd ignore the DP concern. Let the mash stand a little longer if you wish.