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how much peat malt

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  • how much peat malt

    The issue Ive had with Peat is its not consistant. Its either a faint smoke or it smells like the farm before the bag is even in the malt room, let alone being open.

    Anyone have a rule of thumb for how much they use based on how strong/fresh the bag is?
    "Uncle" Frank
    Frank Fermino
    Brewer I, Redhook, Portsmouth, NH
    Writer, Yankee Brew News, New England
    Wise-ass, Everywhere, Always

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    Frank, I've used at little as 3% to as much as 18% depending on the aroma and taste of the malt and desired effects. It really is a personal taste, aroma goes a long way, but taste won't go away.
    David Wollner
    Willimantic Brewing Company
    967 Main St.
    Willimantic, CT.06226


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      This baag smells strong. I didnt think to look at percentages. Current formulation has me at only 1.7%. I would think to increase it at least 3% but as it stands I dont want to go over 10 pounds. I think there is enough sweet malts to balance and a touch of roasted too. Next time your near by ask for sample of the fermenter.
      "Uncle" Frank
      Frank Fermino
      Brewer I, Redhook, Portsmouth, NH
      Writer, Yankee Brew News, New England
      Wise-ass, Everywhere, Always


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        My personal rule of thumb is....don't use it;-)

        Just seems waaaay too medicinal of a phenolic, If I had to use it seems like >2%.......if I want a hint of smoke I use wood smoked malts in the 3-5% range....Weyerman, Best (probably the same source) or even the cherry stuff the Briess had out awhile back. Or better yet smoke it your self if you have the means.



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          Peated malt comes in vastly different smoke finishes, some at a lower ppm by over half than the others.

          Which finish do you have?


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            Hi Frank,
            I would use less than 2%. We use peated malt in a brown we make and it is around 1.5% and is quite subtle. Peated malt can take over the taste in your beer but smoked malt can be used in much larger percentages without problems.
            Danny McGovern
            Monhegan Brewing Co.
            Monhegan Island, ME. USA


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              When designing mayflower porter, I decided to use Thomas Fawcetts Peated Malt over rauch malt. No real reason besides I like the TF malt. The level was right about 1.5% and batch to batch there were some variations in the malt itself, but the finished beer maintained a nice 'barely there' smokiness that worked well.

              Good luck with it and GO EASY!
              Matthew Steinberg
              Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co.
              Framingham, MA USA

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                Like Matthew I've used the TF peat malt, for me it was a scotch ale way back. For an 8%abv scotch ale 1% or so peat malt gave me the "just barely there" note Matthew is talking about. My experience with smoked malt in general (we use a rauch malt currently in one of our core brands) is that the smoke character is variable, I think it has a lot to do with how long the malt has been sitting around- these are very volatile flavors/aromas. Especially with peat smoke, too little is waaaay better than too much. Good luck!

                Geoff DeBisschop
                Evolution Craft Brewing Company
                Delmar, DE