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Sumac in beers?

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  • Sumac in beers?

    Just wondering,

    Anybody ever use any kind of Sumac in any kind of commercial brews, or even homebrew?

    Sumac makes an awesome lemonade once you add sweetener.

    There are many kinds of Sumac that would work wonderfully for all kinds of brews.

    Rhus trilobata is locally called, "Lemonitas". It grows all along the Rio Grande River and other drainages in northern NM. The berries dry nice with a seed coat full of flavor and are wonderful when fresh as the seed is not developed yet. They quench your thirst when hiking. Perfect for a beer.

    Anybody ever use any kind of Sumac in beer???
    I never had any beer with Sumac in it and I think it's far past high time for it.

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    I used to make "lemonade" with staghorn sumac when I was a kid. Now using hibiscus calyxes to much the same effect. Both as a cold tea and in a wheat beer. Delicious tart, astringent, and a bit berry-like taste. Just stay away from Rhus vernix. That would be bad. Wish I could have a few pints when your brew is ready! Good luck!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      I've been planning to use sumac as a local spice in a witbier to bring some tartness. Hopefully, I'll get a pilot batch done soon and can scale it up for the pub this summer. My thought was to make a strong sumac tea and add it to the whirlpool to sanitize it. I'd love to hear about your results if you try it.



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        been using this loads in salads this summer, and of course, wondered if it'd be good in a beer. Wit beer being the obvious...

        I think late kettle? muslin bag?

        would love to know the results of any experiments?
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