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  • imperial stout hops

    I've found myself completely stuck on figuring out the hop charge for an imperial stout for this winter. Totally torn between going with an English style hop charge or going with American hops. Also I want to use up some hops that I have a big surplus of if i can which further complicates it. So I've got loads of Columbus, Cascade, and a good amount of Fuggles just waiting to be used up in a seasonal. Anyone have any suggestions...Also any thoughts on the breakdown of the hop bill. Wondering what people think about aroma additions in a imperial stout. I've had ones with big hop aroma and ones with none so I'm torn. I think the imperial stouts I like the most have big american hop bills but I'm not brewing 40 bbl of imperial stout just for my own drinking pleasure obviously. Any thoughts on percentages of chocolate malt, black malt, roasted barley, and lovibond of caramel malts would be appreciated as well. This is my first time getting to make my own recipe for the style, and though I've brewed a very good one at a former job, I'm not looking to emulate that beer in any way.


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    People are too obsessed with American hops. Go big on the fuggles... I mean really big... Like IIPA big and call it Big Ben or Southampton Imperial or something with a Brittish industrial revolution feel to it.


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      I'm with Glassbrass.
      Use the C hops for bittering and late-hop with Fuggles.
      As far as going for aroma, the time it takes to round-out an Impy stout will diminish most of the aroma hops.


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        Thanks. That is kind of what I was thinking originally before having a moment of indecision and posting on here. Was going to use columbus for bittering and fuggles for flavor and aroma. Never used that combo before but I think it will work just fine.


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          Why not US Goldings if your going for that english hop. My reg stout has a pretty big whilpool hop with goldings and it's very nice. I bet good old Cascades and lots of 'em would be pretty good too.