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  • REAL cholcolate Stout

    Thinking of putting real chocolate into a stout. i've used cocoa powder in the boil before with good results but am looking for a way to use real chocolate or maybe chocolate liquor. a little worried about dropping cunks of chocolate into the kettle. any suggestions would be great. thanks.

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    I think most use coco nibs for adding chocolate. I would use chocolate vodka over a something like cream de coco because of the sugar content. I know some add schnapps & liquors to add flavors to beer. I like vodka it adds flavor with out affecting the flavor profile.

    Dan Evans
    Sr. Brew Medic
    Beer Medic Brewing
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      I the chocolate stout that I make I use about a pound of dark chocolate per bbl.. I melt it first and then dump the liquid into the kettle with about 20 minutes left in the boil, One thing that makes the chocolate flavor pop is vanilla. IN the brewpub I put about 1/2 oz. per bbl. of vanilla veans in the serving tank. It takes a few days for the vanilla to intagrate, but then the chocolate really comes out.

      Jim Lieb
      Rocky River Brewing Co.


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        Dry "hop" with cacao nibs. Or add in a bag at end of boil.
        I have done the dry nibbing with great success. about 24 hours contact time. about a pint/bbl (sorry didn't weigh them) for a noticable chocolate flavor.
        BSG sells TCHO cacao nibs in 1.5kg bags, or 11kg. They are great. TCHO is here in SF and boy does their facility smell good.

        PS: I second the vanilla.
        Kushal Hall
        Common Space Brewery
        Hawthorne, CA


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          Theo Chocolates in Seattle sells Organic Fair Trade Cacao Nibs to breweries. Last time i ordered i think it was roughly $11.00/lb
          Jeff Byrne


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            Lots of posts on using chocolate....

            Do a search on "nibs" and you'll find this topic covered very thoroughly.
            Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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              It is awesome to learn from my friends on probrewer. 'but the foam keeps getting thicker...'