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    I'm working up a recipe for a Scandinavian-inspired winter ale. I've taken ideas from both Sahti recipes and Juleol recipes. I'm going with a base of pils malt with healthy additions of munich and dark caramel malt, and a smaller addition of malted rye. Rather than mess around with Juniper branches, I'm just going to use dried juniper berries. So here are my questions.

    How much should I use per barrel for a subtle, but noticeable juniper character?

    When should I add them? (I'm thinking of adding them late in the boil like an aroma hop. Is that the best time?)

    Should they be whole, crushed, or ground?


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    I am planning a similar beer. I think I may puree, boil, and strain the juice through a hop bag directly into the fermenter at KO. Although mine will be on the lighter scale to accentuate the rye/juniper flavors. I was thinking 2-3lbs per BBL.
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      We use juniper berries in our white ale, but in a small amount when compared to peel and coriander. They get run through a small blade grinder and added to the hopback. Personally I'm quite fond of the flavour they impart, as I think they add a spicier counterpoint to the sweetness of the more traditional witbier spices.

      In your beer, I can see them going very well with the rye. I'm not sure how much you'd need but I'd counsel 'less is more'. You can always add more post-fermentation, but it's hard to take it out.


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        Thanks for the tips, guys!