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Lambic / sour fruit beer

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  • Gordvan
    Fruit Addition

    I am getting ready to do some trials for adding fruit, I eventually want to try 12 different local berries in the same base beer.

    I suppose it makes a difference difference on the type of fruit. I plan on the following: Black current, lingonberry, red currant, black berry, choke berry, elderberry, cloud berry, mountain ash, sea buck thorn.

    anyone used some of these?
    I plan on using fresh, frozen whole berries

    the base beer will be a Belgium blonde or saison, I am leaning towards the saison.


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  • jjs
    started a topic Lambic / sour fruit beer

    Lambic / sour fruit beer

    Just want to start a thread about barrel aging Lambic Belgian sour beers. To start, what are some of the basic fruit dosing / gallon rates in these beers? I have done a few in kegs but real wood is new to me as well.
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