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Triple sugar additions

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  • Triple sugar additions

    Brewing a Triple today and want some input on preference for sugar additions. using basic raw sugar, but curious if you are adding for the entire boil, or at the end or middle of the boil. I have always done it at 60 minutes as a homebrewer, but things have changed for the bigger : )

    any opinions welcome...

    Bruce Dir
    Tighthead Brewing Co.

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    I'm not sure that it really matters all that much. I've always added sugar with 20 or 30 mins left in the boil. Basically just to get it dissolved and sterilized. I'm not sure what the benefit of boiling it any longer would be.
    Hutch Kugeman
    Head Brewer
    Brooklyn Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America
    Hyde Park, NY


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      I always add my sugar when I start boiling. To me it just makes sense to lessen the need for a later addition that I may forget while I'm mashing out,prepping the fermenter or doing any number of other things on a brew day.
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      Mike Roy
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        When using sugar additions I like to brew the beer without sugar and give it 24 hours to start fermentation before I boil and add sugar to the fermentor. Yeast tends to like to eat the sugars first before moving onto the maltose sugars. This can cause the yeast to stall out and never attenuate properly.


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          Everything I've been told is to add the sugar on the second day of fermentation. Same reason as rbrewhead said.


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            Yeah, if sugar is going to be a large part of a recipe (>10% of fermentables) I always add it 48 hours or so after brewing for yeast health. If I'm brewing a big IIPA with up to 10% dextrose I add it into the grant as I lauter.
            Pipeworks Brewing Company