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  • pumpkins in beer

    I'm working on a pumpkin beer recipe and really don't know what to expect sugar wise from the pumpkins. I've heard not much at all just a little color. Is this true or is there more to the story?

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    All I can really tell you is the way we make our pumpkin beer. We like to use fresh, local pumpkins when in season so we cut up the whole pumpkins, discard the seeds and guts and throw them in the mash. They contribute very little if any fermentables. Same with color. The pumpkin flavor we get is decent but only moderate at best. We throw in some crystal 45 for a nice orangeish color and pumpkin pie spice to help bring out the pumpkin flavor. It's a good beer and I like it alot. It could use a little more pumpkin flavor, though. (If you use this technique you have to strike extra hot because the pumpkins absorb alot of heat).

    When I was at the GABF last year I had a pumpkin beer with great pumpkin flavor. The brewer used pumpkin puree in the kettle which I had heard of before. I could do this but I really like using the fresh, local pumpkins.

    Hope this helps.


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      great, thanks for the info, guess it just depends on how much flavor i want to impart. i still find this catagory strange as it seems you need other ingredients to make the beer "pumpkinesque"


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        You may want to consider this..........


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          I have used pumpkin powder for a few years noe and I love it- great gourdy flavor and no blisters from cutting pumpkins all day.