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    Hi everyone,

    So I'm a beer bar owner looking to start brewing our own beer on premise. I'm currently working with the city to sort of licensing and what not but my biggest question is about recipe approval. Do brewpubs have to get approval if they will only be running a certain recipe on draft?

    We run 38 lines 100% Micro, no "Macro" crafts, and all 100% independently owned. We recently installed two beer engines and getting cask ale isn't the easiest thing to do in our neck of the woods. So I'm thinking that depending on how difficult it may be to get the recipes approved I'll just make my own.


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    recipe approval? from what I gather, you are speaking of a approval of the recipe is regards to the city, state, or TTB? If so, there is nothing to stipulates you have to offer any information to any governing body about the ingredients or processes that go into making your beers. That being said, a few things are required... ie. caffeine additions, wood aging, weird ingredients that may require FDA compliance. but other than that, the governing bodies that run the alcohol world don't really care what goes into your beer.

    Of course, their many other approvals that are necessary before brewing your own beer at a brewpub.

    Check out under the beer heading for PLENTY of details of this tedious process. Best of luck!
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