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  • Pecans in a brew

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to utilize Pecans in a brew. I've had some success with roasting them 3-4 times and using butcher paper to pull the oil out, then using them in the mash, but that was on a small pilot system. I suspect it might become more difficult to roast on a larger scale. I was thinking I could also use them in the fermenter a la dry pecanning and not have to roast them, but I worry the oil might affect the fermentation. Has anyone had success with them large scale?

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    Whichever stage you use them in, I would suggest to always roast them. But the mash would be the only place I would use them if not roasting. You might be able to find a roaster near you that can do it. Or bite the bullet and pay for already roasted ones. I would be afraid of getting too much 'green' nut taste from them. In quantity the bitterness really comes out in pecans. Of course that is subjective and you may not find that to be the case.


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      I had the same kind of idea a while back to use hazelnuts. And of course wondered how to get the flavor without the fats. After a little digging I came across something where a brewer had roasted the nuts and basically made a tea (boiled water and added the nuts) after the tea was produced it was then froze. All of the fats seperate from the flavorful liquid, simple scrap off the top layer and add the tea to the kettle. I haven't actually done this yet, but in theory it sshould work.


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        I know this is probably much to late for the OP, but just in case anyone else finds this, I have brewed a beer with something like 1.5#/bbl of pecans. We had a local restaurant roast them in their oven, and then threw them straight in the mash. Flavor was present though not overwhelming. And we had zero problem with all the nut oils.

        Like most things your mileage may vary.



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          Try getting in touch with the folks at Lazy Magnolia, they have a pecan beer. I have never tasted it myself, but I am told it's pretty nice.