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    East coast distributors of fruit products?

    Has anyone found an East coast distributor of quality fruit products? I love the Oregon Fruit products but the freight kills me. I pay more for the freight than I do for the fruit.

    Any leads would be appreciated.

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      Do you go by the calculated freight cost on the Oregon Fruit Website? If you call them direct and ask them to shop around the freight you can cut it down quite a bit. The more you order the better. I saved over 50% off the website rate just by calling and asking for a better rate. For some reason the website calculates by the pound when a pallet rate is really what you want. I just pumped 200 lbs of Blueberry puree into a wheat ale this weekend. Im curious to see the resulting color.
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        Slightly off-topic, but not really: I'm looking for peach puree (aseptic) or extract to use in a peach wheat I'm developing. Anyone use peaches? Best flavors? Thanks!

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          Oregon is distributed on the east coast by LDCarlson, in Ohio. You might be able to special order a large size or amount to save on freight through them. And yes they have both a peach and apricot puree.

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            Just talked with Oregon Fruit and they do NOT have peach , at least not in the #42 boxes I would use
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              Just brewed a Ginger Peach Hefeweizen. For a 5 gallon batch, added 2.5 oz fresh grated ginger to the boil (60 minutes) and 1.5 oz. at the end of the boil. Added 5 lbs of fresh peaches to the secondary for two weeks. I've got a glass in my hand right now and it came out amazing. Big peach flavor up front and the ginger really comes through as it warms.
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                Cherry pits, while they do contribute some important almond flavour notes, also may contribute cyanide/cyanogenic compounds to your beer.

                Not recommended to leave stones/pits in contact with beer for too long in secondary.

                If you use whole fruit, you can monitor this by occasionally scooping out a few cherries, splitting them longitudinally and seeing how far the fermentation of the fruit flesh has penetrated.


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                  I read that as "....spitting them longitudinally....", and about fell out of my chair.

                  /mmmm...spitting in the brewhouse!
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                    Actually, spitting is how I have always added my cherries......
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                      Cherry Christmas Ale now on tap!! Dark Amber with subtle red hues. Good cherry aroma and subtle but easily apparent flavor with mild sweetness. 6.5% abv. I'll add our nod towards Oregon Fruit. I went with the two parts sweet one part tart cherry puree. 7 bbl, 20 pounds @ WP, 60 pounds in primary @ 85% attenuation. Delivery was indeed more than the puree. And we are in Idaho. Thanks for the ideas everyone!!
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                        Bringing this one back to life. About to do a cherry beer myself, i like the idea of the 3 to 1 sweet/tart cherry purée. And planning to use the medium toast spirals to get a little oaky vanilla in there too.

                        Wondering, those who have used the Oregon fruit purée, did you also use pectinase?

                        I’m not terribly concerned with a crystal clear beer, but I’ve read about an almost grey color that results.

                        I appreciate any thoughts.


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                          Originally posted by JNS View Post
                          Wondering, those who have used the Oregon fruit purée, did you also use pectinase?
                          Yes. I add the enzyme into the bags of fruit and let them set overnight. The next morning, I put the fruit in the fermenter. The beer comes out crystal clear every time. My usual fruit addition is 84# (two bags) for a 5BBL batch added after primary fermentation has subsided. I only use tart cherries, which I prefer for a variety of reasons.



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                            Cherry Base Beer

                            I have had very good results using real fruit concentrates. On most you can find out how many pounds of fruit they concentrate down into a package. I them follow the Sour Books fruiting rates for whole fruit and things work out really well with color aroma and flavor. The plus side is the yields are outstanding, no lost beer to whole fruit or puree. The down side is the unit cost is higher, but I feel the yield gain offsets that up front cost.