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  • Barrel finishing

    Okay so I have a beer that I have tried twice now and each time it has come out with a FG at 1.030-1.028. Starting gravity 1.085 mashed temp was 154F. Tried all of the tricks to try to get it down and it will now fall anymore. I used WLP540 and was hoping if I was to barrel age the beer it might fall more. They are whiskey barrels so if the gravity does not fall maybe the whiskey will balance the sweetness out a bit? Oh it is a 10 Barrel system if this makes any difference. ANY comments would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    As my doctor would tell me you are treating the symptom not the problem. You need to look at why your yeast is not performing properly. How many gens are you in? Have you kept it in tolerant temps. Has it performed this way since you received it?
    Joel Halbleib
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      Next time try to have a lower mash temperature. That has always worked for me when doing a higher gravity beer.


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        For a high gravity beer like 1.085, perhaps you underpitched a correct amount of starting yeast?
        Kevin Shertz
        Chester River Brewing Company
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          Sounds to me like you don't know what the problem is. Have you done any forced fermentations to rule out issues with fermentables?

          You say you've tried "all of the tricks"; I'm not sure what you consider these to be but that should work to chew through a fermentable wort.

          The yeast, of course, is suspect. 540 will drop out and stop fermenting if you try to cool the wort too much into the fermentation. It's unlikely that you'd be able to rouse it.

          If your wort is fermentable you might try adding some actively growing yeast either out of a propagator or top-cropping