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  • Nugget

    Picked up 22lb bale of these from hop merchant. Have never used the before. Any pitfalls for using them? Was looking to do pale brew of 1060 or so and use throughout? Information on these hops s scarce so wondered if anyone can shed any light or offer up recipe suggestions?


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    Nugget a great all around high alpha hop. I have used them for years with great success for bittering, late additions and even dry hopping. nugget tends to offer an herbal aroma with a clean and balanced bitterness.

    please note... some texts say that the high oil content requires a long boil in order to avoid getting aroma into the beer... for me, that's exactly what I like about nugget.
    go for it! Great hop all around.
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      I just began using nugget regularly a few months back. Excellent all around hop for bittering, finishing, FW hopping, dry hopping. I'm using the pellets and originally used this as a substitute for Galena, which was not available at the time. Extremely pleased with the results.