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Amount of Grains of Paradise

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  • Amount of Grains of Paradise

    Hi Guys, I am brewing a lighter beer for a spring seasonal and wanted to add grains of paradise towards the end of the boil. I’ve used the recommended 2 grams for a five gallon batch before, but wanted to know roughly how much to use for a 15 bbl system.

    If you could list the amount you used for the size of the system you have, and how much presence there was (subtle/moderate/overpowering) that would be great.

    Thanks in advance!


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    GOP in our wit

    Ryan -

    I add 4oz of course crushed GOP to our Winter Wit with equal amounts of dried lemongrass and Curacau orange peel. This is for a 10bbl batch and all of the spices are pretty subtle, but the GOP is definitely noticeable in the flavor and aroma.