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Strange corn or husky flavor from rye... Not DMS

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  • Strange corn or husky flavor from rye... Not DMS

    I am currently doing test batches of a Rye ESB and the first batch has a strange flavor I can't pin point. I have tasted it in Octoberfests before and liken it to corn husk. Its not DMS like, but possibly a sulphur compound. I am using 21% rye and half of that comes from a cara rye and chocolate rye by a small local malster. I just brewed another test batch and it was undetectable in the wort until the last run off sample which was a bit low (2.5 Plato) but not tannic. Has anyone encountered this flavor? Could it come from the Malster process?

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    How warm is the kilning of the rye? I assume that you're not fermenting at lager temps, so that makes me think that you're looking at some sort of DMS/SMM flavor that is working with the rye to give you an odd flavor (just because it doesn't taste like DMS in a rye ale doesn't mean it wouldn't without the rye).

    May be a dead end, but not sure.