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Recipe Scaling - Anyone know of a good resource?

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  • Recipe Scaling - Anyone know of a good resource?

    Hello All,

    I have a number of recipes that have been tweaked and proven on a 1/2 BBL system. I am now in the process of trying to upsize them for a 15BBL system. Does anyone know of any good resources out there that can help with this? I would love to go into my first brew on this new setup with a good idea of what things needed to be adjusted to compensate for the large increase in size.

    I really appreciate the help!


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    I use beersmith and there are quite a few threads on upscaling in the forums. I went from 10 gallons to 4bbl. So not as big of a jump as you. I found that the major thing (aside from boil off rates and water volume adjustments) was hop utilization. 120% seems to work for me.

    But the % of grist whould not really change. If your using 80% Pale, 10% Crystal and 10% carapils its still the same ratio.

    If you do find a website dedicated to upscaling I would certainly be interested in reading it. But since I dont do my calculations by hand I just had to manually measure everything out and tweek the utilization rate until I found the one I liked.


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      Thanks for the reply. I have found a couple of threads that discuss the utilization rates, too. I would really love to find some more on the subject. If I do, I'll post any links here.



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        Too many parameters...

        A lot of it is shooting from the hip. The beer you are scaling up should be analyzed by a Brewers Lab like WhiteLabs. Get the parameters of your beer and then plug in that info into a program. There is so much equipment out that plays into your beer. Raw ingredient processing, mash effiencency, direct fire or steam kettle, all can affect flavor and not even be something you could calculate per se. It will take a while to nail it... Take lot's of notes on your changes so you aren't re inventing the wheel...



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          Ive scaled my homebrew recipes to 5BBL batches and they turned out just fine. I used some math that my old brew master taught me about brewing. He got it from Seible. There are a few shooting from the hips part. But if you send me an email, Ill send you the spread sheet with all the stuff to help you calculate the scaling.