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Brewing with Lemongrass

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  • Brewing with Lemongrass

    Has anyone ever brewed with lemongrass before? If so what was the rate of use, time added, and result? Any random input is greatly appreciated too.

    Thanks, and Cheers!

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    a bit...


    I haven't done any big batches with lemongrass, but I experimented with it a little on my pilot system. It will give you different tastes depending on the form, amount, and when you add it.

    If you add fresh lemongrass to the boil, it tends to give a nice grassy flavour to the beer (I put it in a lager style ale) but it competes with the hop flavours. Adding it fresh to the whirlpool gives a nicer taste, I think...more like the taste of lemongrass in thai food. I also tried it in the primary, and it hazed my beer....perhaps there's a weird starch in it?? I also tried lemongrass powder, with disappointing results. The best taste I got was by using a Vietnamese lemongrass extract a buddy found at a local Phillipino market. I added it into the secondary after the beer was bright. Very tasty! and half the hassle. In the end, we decided it was a nice experiment, but probably not to popular taste...

    Hope that helps!



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      I haven't used it myself, but I know that the guys at Magic Hat Brewing in Burlington, VT put out a lemongrass beer last summer (I think it was a Hefeweizen). They're pretty friendly guys and could probably give you some advice.
      Hutch Kugeman
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        I've "dry hopped" a cask of Witbier with lemongrass before. I used 5 stalks chopped fine & bagged. It turned out great. Really added to the base beer, and the customers loved the change.