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Oregano in beer?

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  • Oregano in beer?

    Anybody know of any brews with Oregano? Ever brew with it?

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    Never have, and never will. Nothing against oregano per se, but I personally can't see it working very well in beer (to be honest, I don't even think it works well in tomato sauce, unless it's a Mexican style of sauce).

    Someone recently gave me a bottle of a commercially produced brew labeled as "pizza beer" (which seemed to include oregano as an ingredient) and putting the obvious gimmickry of the concept aside, it was far and away the worst beer I've ever tasted in my life.
    Comparing it to dishwater would be charitable.

    But who knows....Why not just do a small homebrew sized (or half homebrew sized) batch and see how it flies.
    Only think I can say is just go easy on the quantity of oregano.
    Just a hint might be ok, but just as is the case with many spiced beers on the market, too much will suck mightily.