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    Hey Guys,

    Doing an american pale ale next week and want to use some Galaxy hops and was thinking of pairing the with cascade,

    Anyone have any experience using this combination, Its not often we can get hold of these in Ireland and got our hands on 5kg's so want to use them quickly

    Thinking of cascade for bittering and near flame out and then cascade and galaxy in the whirlpool and dry hop with galaxy.

    Any feedback would be greatly apprreciated,


    Stone Barrel Brewing

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    I haven't in this combination, but will say they are pretty dank/pungent hops. I suspect they will dominate the Cascades but I don't see why they wouldn't work well together.


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      Used Galaxy most days, used in an IPA today with Centenial and Cascade.

      Just be careful with the bitterness gain from the whirlpool, its usually 17% AA, so back off the bittering hops. One beer i use about 3gm/l total but mixed of topaz, galaxy and Ella hops and get 20 BU from just the whirlpool, i just bitter to 6 bu
      Head Brewer Rocks Brewing Co.
      Sydney, Aust


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        Galaxy pairs particularly well with Citra. For our IPA, we have moved the Galaxy around, and we get best results when dry-hopped on the warm side with a couple of plato of ferment left to run.


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          I agree with Lighthouse. Citra works brilliantly. Have cut galaxy with a lot of different hop combos but for me, best of all has to be citra.

          That said, the galaxy I've tried for the last 4 years has been awful, like one of the main offenders. What used to be a good earthy face melting hop gives me an almost peppermint aroma now. Although, to be fair, most of the new world hops that would melt my face off 5 years ago have gotten worse. Im only speaking for the standard of imported hops here in the UK though. I know the Americans, Kiwi's and Ozzies get much better quality that what arrives on our shores. The standard of simcoe this year has almost made me lose faith in humanity.


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            2014 Galaxy is fading quickly. Fortunately we have little of it left and 2015 is in transit. 2014 started out really well, better than 13 which also faded toward the end of the brewing year. In a perfect world, you would make a citra/galaxy DIPA once a year when new season southern hops arrive, and then leave your drinking salivating for the next release.