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  • Best Malz Special X Usage

    Is there anyone with experience using Best Malz Special X?

    We are thinking of using it in a Black IPA, but after reading the description again I am not so sure.

    From the Best Malz website:
    BEST Special X (NEW!)
    300-400 EBC / 115-150 L

    BEST Special X malt imparts to beer – depending on the amount in the grist – an intense malty-sweet flavor reminiscent of raisins or dried fruit. The beer possesses an amber-color to dark hue (depending on rate) and an aromatic and harmonious full-bodied character. The malt does not, however, introduce bitter roasted flavors but rather brings a mild smoothness to beer without any of the astringent qualities associated with other dark malts.

    BEST Special X is produced according to a unique malting process and is very gently kilned afterwards. This creates a malt with an uncommonly mild flavor that despite its dark color exhibits very pleasant nuances. The finest two-rowed summer malting barley varieties and careful malting practices employing state-of-the-art techniques form the foundation for this very distinctive malt with an exceptional flavor and aroma.

    Amber-colored beers
    Dark beer
    Alcohol-free malt-based beverages
    Belgian-style beers (abbey and trappist beers)
    English-style beers (Amber ales, dark ales, porters and stouts)

    Usage Rate
    up to 20%

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    This is like Special B.


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      I would find out if it has been dehusked. Would make all the difference for a BIPA.
      Scott Roche'


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        I wouldn't use it

        I wouldn't recommend using it, though if you do it should be at a very small percentage. Personally I avoid using large amounts of caramelized malts in IPAs let alone ones with this high of a lovibond. I use Weyermann Dehusked Carafa 3 usually, but Briess makes bitterless black malts in Blackprinz and Midnight Wheat. I think any of those will get you there better than loading up on this. Good luck in whatever you choose.
        Mike Roy
        Franklins Restaurant, Brewery & General Store
        5123 Baltimore Ave
        Hyattsville,MD 20781


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          Thanks guys. I reckon we will back off the Special X and do a cold steep with Black Malt & maybe add on top of the mash when sparging. Dehusked and bitterless blacks are not that easy to get around here...

          PS. The grain actually has an interesting colour character. The kernels vary in colour. Looks almost multi-colored

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            Originally posted by Malty View Post
            I would find out if it has been dehusked. Would make all the difference for a BIPA.
            No it is not de husk. It is 100-150L