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Brewing With Tea Leaves

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  • Brewing With Tea Leaves

    I have been working on a recipe for a beer brewed with tea leaves. I am struggling to figure out how much tea I should use (per bbl or otherwise). After looking through forum archives it seems that this subject hasn't been significantly covered. So I am hoping to get any advice or tips on how much to use or when to use it.

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    We've done a few batches using Jasmine Green Tea and use around 275gm/hL as a flameout addition. Comes through well. A lot of other flavours going on, but a pretty light base beer with a finish at about 1.006.


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      We use an Earl Grey blend in our English mild (OG 1.048, FG 1.014, 12 IBU), at a rate of 8 lbs. in a 10BBL batch (~290g/hL). Half of the tea goes in a nylon bag at flameout for exactly 5 minutes, after which it is pulled out and we proceed to whirlpool. The other 4 lbs. goes in secondary for 4-5 days until the aroma is where we want it. It's black tea, so the hot steep provides the right flavor and level of tannins, and it works really well with the maltiness and chocolate notes of the base beer. For a tea with a lighter flavor, you could probably get away with secondary only, but you might need more tea. And don't forget to account for the added color, depending on the malt bill and tea type. Hope this is helpful!

      Scott Petrovits
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        We do a winter warmer that is 12lbs of black tea for 25bbl. Good tea flavor even with everything else it had going on.

        We used these guys as our supplier: