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Flaked Corn or Corn Starch?

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  • liammckenna
    I have used wheat starch to about 10% in light bodied lagers. Grain starches come in many, many forms. Some are higher in protein. Some commercial starches are deproteinized. Generally, I would think that this practice would decrease mouthfeel and head retention, not increase.

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  • Amit
    started a topic Flaked Corn or Corn Starch?

    Flaked Corn or Corn Starch?

    I have been working on a recipe for Super Dry Lager. The first lot I brewed was with rice and flaked corn. But I noticed some breweries use corn starch in addition to these adjuncts to add mouthfeel and head retention.

    Does anyone have any experience with corn starch and how they are used in commercial breweries?