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Elderberry in beer

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  • Elderberry in beer

    Hello there;
    I am trying to find information to use elderberries in beer. There is a lot more information on elderflowers, but I will be making this beer at a contract brewery, only have a 24 day cycle on the tank before we need to package; and I would like to keep this recipe as simple as possible.

    If anyone knows any literature or related websites regarding using elderberries, please forward them to me as I would like to source this ingredient if it suddenly becomes difficult to find.

    Beer style is wheat based, and a little less than 9.5-10 plato (original gravity).
    Hopping will be very low (about 11 IBU estimated)
    Batch size is about 20 HL (17 bbl)

    1). Frozen or dried? Dried elderberries seem to be the most available, but would consider using frozen depending on what stage I would be adding it to the beer. Thoughts anyone?
    2). How much to add? I know it has a tart quality to it, so I don't wish to overdue it.
    3). When to add it?
    I have read to add it to the end of the boil...I assume these would be the dried elderberries; however, I would like to know if anyone has added it during fermentation, or even conditioning?

    Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.


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    Might want to check with the TTB since elderberries aren't on the approved list of Exempt Ingredients and Processes Determined to be Traditional Under TTB Ruling 2015-1.

    Elder flowers are on the list but the berries aren't.