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Recipe Scaling at Altitude

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  • Recipe Scaling at Altitude

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I simply couldn't find any search function.

    Anyway, currently scaling up my 5 gal HB recipes up to 5 BBL batches and am looking for a little guidance on hops utilization. I generally see 110-120% AA utilization for 5 BBL batches, but we are at 6200ft and I generally get ~59% for 5 gal batches. Is there a formula for estimating how to scale on these variables? Should I start with just 115% * 59%? But I just don't know if these interact linearly. Unfortunately, all my past commercial experience as at ~200ft altitude and all the brewers I know well enough here are running 20-80BBL systems so I doubt their numbers will be useful to me.