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Extermely High AC beer

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  • william.heinric

    I'm currently making a pseudo-port using our house lager strain. I plan to follow that with wlp099 once primary has stopped. Hopefully the lager strain will reduce some of the vinous characteristics that have been associated with wlp009 on 16%+ fermentations, but if not, then whatever.

    The game plan is to hit it with more nitrogen compounds to replace what the lager yeast used and a bunch of O2 with an inline stone. With a reasonably warm fermentation, the theory is that it should finish out where the lager strain crapped out.

    I could be wrong, however, as the lager strain has gone for a week so far and there's still no sign of letting up.

    Good luck with your version. This is a relatively unexplored region of brewing that I'm very excited about.

    Millstream Brewing Co.

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  • nwcw2001
    I haven't brewed anything above 5 gallon batch just to see what I could do. It turned out really good. What I did was use White Labs high alcohol yeast (wlp 099)

    I brewed it to 23% abv. You have to feed the the yeast in 3 different increments. I added the wort to the yeast over a 3 day period, letting the yeast grow in strength and added 4 times the amount of o2. I also had to cellar it for 3 -4 months to mellow it out and round it off. But it turned out great. It just took a HUGE grain bill. If I am not mistaken it took 41# for 5 Gallon Batch.



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    Guest started a topic Extermely High AC beer

    Extermely High AC beer

    I have been formulating a high AC beer, something in the same regions as Sam Adams Utiopias. I am looking into using a lager yeast for primary fermentation (mainly to establish flavor) and then boosting to a distillers yeast for secondary and adding pirming sugar. Has anyone done such a high AC beer before? Any suggestions on techniques?