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6-row to adjunct ratios?

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  • 6-row to adjunct ratios?

    Working with Cream Ale style beer and have a question:

    At what percentage of adjuncts (such as flaked corn or flaked rice) in a recipe would you need to add six row barley in order to get good conversion? For example, if the recipe is between 10%-30% flaked rice or corn would you need to make the remainder of the grist Six row? Or would you just match the percent of adjunct with six row (15% flaked adjunct equals adding 15% six row)?

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    With the diastatic power of most 2-row barleys you shouldn't need any 6 row for up to 30% adjuncts. What you want to think of is the total DP of the mash. Beersmith has a good explanation of this (not a endorsement just a quick Google, I don't use it) and a chart of average DP. You should calculate the actual numbers off your malt report form from your supplier.
    I would recommend a multi step mash and some rice hulls in the lauter.
    If you want a real challenge how about a traditional Roggen with 50-60% rye? Be prepared for a 10 hour lauter, LOL
    Good luck!
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      I agree that unless you're using 30% adjuncts, you shouldn't need to use 6-row, and in fact for a Cream Ale I would be very reticent to use it at all. In my experience 6-Row tends to be a little "rougher" than 2-row, and that roughness is especially noticeable in lighter (both by color and by strength) beers. It is a great asset to beers that are supposed to be a little rough around the edges like an IPA or (especially) a Steam Ale(TM), but I would avoid it if at all possible in a cream ale. It won't do your body or taste any favors.