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  • Attn. all math geeks

    Can somebody please check my math, here. I'm working with a new kind of product, and my figures don't seem 100% accurate. Solve for x:

    A train leaving Michigan is travelling south at 72 MPH....Oops, sorry, wrong problem. Here it goes:

    The fruit = 11.234 # per gallon @ 70 Brix

    10 gallons will be added to 7.5 Bbls of beer.

    Q) 10 gallons of fruit will increase 7.5 Bbls of beer (x) degrees plato.

    A) Assuming that 1# of sugar raises 1 gallon of water 1.046, I came up with
    2.3 degrees plato.

    Am I close?

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    11.234 # per gal X 10 gal X .7 = 78.6 # of extract you're adding

    78.6 lbs / 7.5 bbl = 10.5 lbs. extract per bbl

    Using my handy Siebel Brew Computer (everyone should own one of these, they're only a few bucks),

    12 deg. P wort has 32.4 lbs. extract per bbl.

    if you add 10.5 lbs. extract per bbl,

    42.9 lbs/bbl equals about 15.65 deg. P.

    So in this example, it added 3.65 deg. P.

    I didn't account for the volume increase (almost a half bbl) of the 10 gallons, but you get the idea.



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      Actually, you should account for the volume increase because it is significant.

      So, given 7.5 bbl wort at 12 deg P,

      you have 7.5 x 32.4 lbs/bbl = 243 lbs. total extract before fruit addition;

      add 78.6 lbs. extract from the fruit gives you 321.6 lbs. total extract.

      7.5 bbls plus 10 gallons gives you 7.823 bbls.

      321.6 / 7.823 is 41.1 lbs. extract per bbl.

      Back to the Siebel Brew Computer, 41.1 lbs/bbl equals a shade over 15 deg. P.

      So in this more precise example, it raised the gravity about 3.0 deg. P.