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Foaming Chocolate/Vanilla Stout bombers

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  • Foaming Chocolate/Vanilla Stout bombers

    Hello everyone!
    I have started packaging bombers of a chocolate and vanilla stout that I have been serving in my taproom for about a year. I just got these out to accounts and noticed a post from a customer stating the beer foamed when opened and lost about 30% of product. I have been testing to recreate and it seems it is re-fermenting in the bottle when warm for at least a day then cooled. No flavor issues, just slow foaming out of bottle after opened about 5 seconds. I am guessing the liquor store owner is keeping warm on the shelf. I am trying to figure out what is adding the fermentable to the bottle and how to do different so this will not happen. I use cacao nibs in the fermenter after primary in mesh bags at 35 degrees and add vanilla beans halved and put in mesh bags also. I am assuming it is the vanilla beans. Should I be using a different technique for the vanilla? Thanks for your input, we have been packaging beer to liquor stores for almost two years and this is the first issue we have had. I have also packaged this beer for many competitions and have never had notes that the beer foamed.

    South Park Brewing