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Citrus Zest - Vendor? Best method?

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  • Citrus Zest - Vendor? Best method?

    We want to work with some fresh citrus zest in 12.5 bbl of 13P saison base.
    Does anyone recommend a particular source? Preferably without sugar added (like Perfect Puree).

    Recommendations on cold side additions?
    Fermenter 3/4 of the way through fermentation?
    Bag it in the serving tank?

    Thoughts on quantity and method? Looking to get a pleasant citrus component to the saison.

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    if you're ok with dried SF herb co has a selection of several different types of peel/zest.

    I have not used fesh so I cant give you numbers on that.
    I can tell you that with dried peel or zest at 1 lb in 7 bbl gives a noticeable hint of the fruit being used. I've gone as high as 2 lb in 7 bbl without the flavor being too much, never tried more than that. With dried peel or zest I always add in a bad at flameout. You could try adding it to the FV but i'd make sure its in a bag so you don't get bits everywhere...


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      i was just going to ask about dried peel. seems like they remove the pith.

      little bit of concern with using cold side.....