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  • Coffee Imperial Pilsner

    So I'm running a test batch (10 gallon) of a Coffee Imperial Pilsner this weekend, and I am struggling a little with the hops. I'm running with this:
    22lbs Pils
    6lbs Vienna
    1lb Munich
    2lbs CaraPils

    1oz Magnum 60
    1oz Magnum 30
    1/2oz Saaz 15
    1/2oz Hallertau 15
    1/2oz Saaz 10
    1/2oz Hallertau 10
    1/2oz Saaz 5
    1/2oz Hallertau 5
    1/2oz Saaz 0
    1/2oz Hallertau 0

    on a 90 minute boil.

    Then a 'dry hop' of 5oz of cracked coffee in secondary for 5 days or until my flavour profile is where I want it to be.

    I want to add a 4th hop at 5 but I'm feeling a little indecisiveness on which. My initial feeling was 1oz of Cascade, but I'm not sold that this is the best course of action as its not a "traditional pilsner hop" but then adding coffee isn't traditional either and that leads me to thinking I should go bolder than Cascade.

    Just looking for a bit of feedback.

    Many thanks,