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    Figured I'd bump this thread rather than start a new one.

    I've done Cal Commons before, on a homebrew scale years ago, but am getting ready to brew one on a commercial level.

    The question, of which I know the best answer already, is what yeast should I use? I currently use the Saflager W-34/70 for my lagers and Wyeast 1728 for my ales. I'd like to use one of these to ferment it out, but know in deep in the bottom of my cockles I should be ordering a Cal Common strain from one of the major producers. Has anyone had success with either of these two yeasts for this style, or should I bite the bullet and order the traditional hybrid strain?


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      Little late to the party here but just wanted to chime in that OEC in CT uses big copper coolships as well. If you are ever out in Oxford, CT do check them out, they are doing some really neat stuff over there and pushing the envelope.