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Increased efficiency recipe formulation

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  • Increased efficiency recipe formulation

    Hi everybody,

    We just scaled up our brewing system to a 500L system for our biergarten here in Germany. I brewed a test batch on the new system, a golden ale scaled up in a linear manner, and the calculated efficiency has increased to 84%, up from 75%.

    Next up is a robust porter, and after adjusting for the increased efficiency, I noticed that the color dropped, which is self-explanatory as the actual amount of malt is less with a higher efficiency. Now I am thinking that the actual flavor of the robust porter may change due the lowered amount of specialty malts in the grain bill overall. My question then is:

    Should I leave the specialty malts constant and only change the amount of base malt based off the new efficiency? (It seems as though less specialty malt in the same amount of liquor would leave less chocolate flavor, etc.)


    Should I keep percentages the same and be happy with the increased efficiency? (Although color may suffer, etc.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I always keep the amount of specialty malts (roasted grains and crystal) the same and adjust base malts only (2Row, Munich, Pale Ale, etc) for differences in efficiency. We have a 1bbl pilot system and a 10bbl production brewhouse. My pilot system efficiency tends to be about 77-80% (lauter flow rate is a MAJOR headache to control resulting in a range), 10bbl is about 85%


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      I figured that was the best way to go about it since lowering the amount of specialty malts in a robust porter would certainly change the flavor and malt character.

      Thanks for the help!