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All grain gluten free brewing?

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  • All grain gluten free brewing?

    Hi all,

    New to the boards. I own a small gluten free operation in CT, and I'm looking to trade up to all-grain brewing instead of part-LME. I've been unhappy with the "optimized" products on the market (predominantly sorghum and rice) and we're getting enough movement on our product that I think it's time to push the boundaries. Not a ton of information out there for using alternate grains. Any thoughts or words of wisdom/warning? Otherwise I'll keep plugging with sorghum LME and using adjuncts to round out the flavor.


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    Millet and buckwheat are great for gluten free beers. Oats are also gluten free, but I recently heard that they can still trigger some extremely sensitive celiacs. Corn, quinoa, sweet potatoes, sunflower seed... There's a lot of options out there for gluten free brewing. We've mostly done millet and buckwheat gluten free brewing, so I can only really speak to those. Grouse malting and Colorado malting company have entire gluten free lines. Just a heads up, the prices tend to be very high. Millet and buckwheat have a low extract potential, so you'll need to use around 30-40% more than you would for a similar barley based brew. That's why you see a lot of adjuncts in gluten free beers.

    Millet and buckwheat have very poor diastatic power. I don't believe they can even classify as self converting. You'll have to add alpha amylase enzyme to your mash to get conversion.

    And if you are not extremely careful with your mashing, millet mashes like to stick very quickly. Buckwheat has a very good husk that helps with keeping the mash flowing.

    Since you're already on a gluten free system, you shouldn't have to worry about super deep cleaning between gluten beers and gluten free beers. It's good to keep a few gluten tests around though. has some handy ones for a pretty good price.