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Scaling up recipe and water quantity concern...

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  • Scaling up recipe and water quantity concern...

    Just picked up my 3bbl system and am using beersmith to scale up some recipes that I made on my 5gal system. The system manufacturer has an uploadable equipment profile for beersmith and I have my 5 gal profile pretty well dialed in to where I can hit the numbers dead on at this point. Calls for 111 gallons at start of boil...and 150 gallon is the mash tun capacity of the new system, when scaled it is calling for 230 total lbs of grain. I have never worked with this quantity before but it seems that 230 lbs of grain wouldn't leave enough room for the water. Am I looking at this wrong? Would a 150 gallon vessel hold 230 lbs of grain and enough water to mash with? I know I can add boiling water to the boil kettle but feel this would throw off my numbers.... feedback?

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    I'm a start-up - so I am still using my 1BBL homebrew setup. However, using some quick math and experience with my old 10 gallon igloo cooler MT - it would hold 18 lbs of grain easily and allow for 1.5 qts / lb strike water volume. 18 / 10 = 1.8 lbs grain held / gallon of MT capacity. 1.8 * 150 gallon capacity = 270 lbs grain held. I think you're in the clear. Does someone else want to confirm that I'm not missing something on how I'm looking at this?
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      Thanks! Any other opinions ?


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        With a 2.2:1 liquor to grist ratio, that is only 63 gallons of strike water. You should be just fine. You don't put the full kettle volume into the mash tun when you mash in, only the strike water, then you sparge and collect to your target preboil volume.


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          Sounds about right. I use ~600# in a 13P beer in my 10bbl system, which isn't far off from your 230# in a 3bbl. I can fit just over 1,000# at my max.