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Hop aromatics and bottle conditioning

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  • Hop aromatics and bottle conditioning

    We seem to be not have very good luck accentuating our dry hop additions in our bottle conditioned DIPA (8.5 % 85 IBU's). We are hopping at 1 lb whole leaf cascade per barrel (1 day at 70 then 10-14 days at 50 then 3 days at 32) After filtration (1.5-2 micron)the aromatics are there, but it seems as if after the botting and three weeks of conditioning, the hops fade away. The beer is great, but the "hopheads" are trashing me in the ratings forums for not enought hop aroma in a DIPA, causing bottle sales to decline.
    Any suggestions?
    PS. we are bottle conditioning with a fresh pitch of Fermentis T58 and dme solution. The bottles are corked and caged also.
    Nicholas Campbell

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    I wouldn't personally go crazy because of some random guy decides not to like my beer... IPA is not hop extract. But you should know better about the quality.

    sounds like you have a O2 problem in your bottles. Oxygen is the biggest killer for hop aroma!

    just because you bottle condition it, doesn't mean O2 uptake isn't a problem!
    O2 uptake during filling, in the head space, or transfer of oxidation power from dead yeast, can all easily kill your nice hop aroma!


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      Yeast can do that.


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        I'd switch to another yeast strain for bottling. Sierra Nevada bottle conditions (at least partially) and maintains a nice hop aroma in their beers, so perhaps try bottle conditioning with WLP001. Alesmith bottle conditions also, and I believe uses WLP001 and their IPA / Yulesmith / XPA maintain a nice shelf life with a solid hop aroma.

        Also, try force carbonating part of the way there, and reduce the amount of yeast added at bottling.