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Yeast mix up - what to expect ?

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  • Yeast mix up - what to expect ?

    I’m brewing a Hefeweizen today

    Go to get the wb-06 yeast out and I don’t have any.......

    Work backwards - oh dear, that 20bbls of American pale ale got 500g of us-05 and 500g of wb-06 instead of 1kg of us-05 !!!

    I think the Hefe can just become an American Wheat beer?.... (50% wheat / 50% pils malt)

    But what can I expect from the pale ?!! Fermented at 18c so a slightly clovey version of my usual pale ??

    The pale is fermenting well so hopefully I get a drinkable beer out of it !!!

    Appreciate any thoughts / comments !

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    I had something like this happen a couple years ago. Late in the brew day pulled out my WB-06 from the cooler only to find my supplier had sent me US-05 and I had not noticed. Hello American Wheat. As for your Pale with the hybrid, my understanding is that with two strains pitched simultaneously you stand a good chance of one dominating the other in flavor profile. Better hope it is US-05, but my guess is that the WB-06 will instead. Super fast starter.
    Dave Cowie
    Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
    Nevada City, CA


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      Thanks Dave

      Fingers crossed on the pale....
      I’ve had both US05 and WB06 take off really quickly so let’s hope the 05 wins !
      If not I could have an interesting batch of pale ale......


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        dryhop it!

        I've had a fairly clean hefe before that was dry hopped with Amarillo. Quite good, surprisingly!


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          Have done the exact same thing. WB06 definitely dominated over the 05. That was with a raspberry blonde, and I ended up liking the esters, so now always brew that beer with hef yeast


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            Sounds almost like the Bavarian Wheat blend that wyeast makes. give it plenty of O2 to lower your phenols and esters and hope for the best. With the wyeast, after 3 generations there were no more phenols or esters to speak of. Good luck!


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              Thanks all

              On the Pale - Given the malt bill and hops added to date I've reached the conclusion this isn't going to turn out well (i.e. as a beer I want to put into the market here) so I've decided to dump the batch

              A tough lesson but i'll be sure to double check what yeast I am pitching going forward !!!

              On the (now) American Wheat - hoping for a great beer !!

              Thanks for all the comments