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    Think Fuller's London Porter, Anchor Porter, maybe even Sierra Nevada Porter (but this is most prevalent in Anchor). What malt variety gives these beers a DISTINCT molasses like or toffee like flavor. Every clone I have found includes malts I have tried (roasted, chocolate and certain dark crystals), and I cannot achieve similar results. I get notes of chocolate and coffee, but no molasses-toffee flavor! I would love to do something similar to Anchor Porter, but the clones I find don't scale up correctly at all. Believe me, I've tried. Help please!


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    What about a touch of Honey Malt and Special B, and then some real molassas in the last few minutes of the boil?

    Just a wild guess on my part, but maybe worth a try.



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      Rather than adding malts to your brews at this stage, why don't you taste various caramel and specialty malts via a malt chew to see which gives the flavor(s) you are seeking. This way, you can screen the malts before making a full brew. Try some caramel 40 or 50. It is suppose to have more of a toffee character. Also any other specialty malts in the 30 - 55 color range.

      Dr Malt


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        This seems like a prime discussion for the "Brand Final Touch" guy to chime in and tell you that you can achieve the desired flavor with his product! Anyone else feelin' me on that one? Whatever happened to him anyways? It seems like there was about a month long period where that poor guy was on trial, because everyone was questioning his product. I guess he just picked the wrong forum to market it to?


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          Try Briess "Extra Special Malt" (not to be confused with ordinary "Special Roast Malt"!). It's killer.
          Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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            Thomas Faucet Crystal 65 tastes exactly like toffe and molasses. Ive used it in my brown ale and got great results. Mix in a little brown malt and you are in chocolate, toffe, molasess heaven.
            Tim Butler

            Empire Brewing Co.
            Syracuse, NY