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Coffee Usage (Cold Toddy)

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    We were doing an overnight cold toddy/ infusion method and loved the flavor but with expanding production struggled to find a more elegant and sanitary method. We now age on whole beans in the secondary using the same usage rates, and 5-7 days max is all that is needed, really we could squeak by with 3 or 4. Flavor is equal or better, never would have thought it, this was asst brewer joe's idea. Thanks joe!
    Geoff DeBisschop
    Evolution Craft Brewing Company
    Delmar, DE


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      Coffee Sanitation

      Resurrecting this old thread, but is there any danger of infection from either cold brewed coffee or whole/ground beans post fermentation?

      Colin Cummings
      Amarillo, TX


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        This may not solve your problem as it sounds like a volume/efficiency issue, but we've been cold-brewing about #1 / BBL overnight, then we heat it gently to ~150F and hold for 30 min to pasteurize, then run it hot into a purged/sanitized vessel that doubles as our yeast brink. I could also see kegs working well for this purpose depending on your batch sizes (even if you have to use several of them). From there we let cool w/ head pressure on top and push into the brite tank before transferring over to ensure decent mixing.

        My only concern with the above was DO pickup from the coffee mixture, but the heat should help reduce it a bit and it hasn't seemed to be a problem so far in our finished beer.