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Help w/ Spicing in Winter Ale Recipe

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  • Help w/ Spicing in Winter Ale Recipe

    first time brewing a spiced holiday ale on 7 bbl. system.

    i don't want to over-spice this recipe and was wondering what you would suggest for quanities of honey, cinnamon, and fresh orange zest in a 7bbl. batch.

    anticipated OG around 1.058 (14.34P) with 300# base malt and 100# crystal 90, munich, wheat, etc.
    what ya think about 20#honey? 12oz cinnamon? 12oz-1# FRESH orange zest?
    should some bitter orange be added to balance out the fresh?

    thanks for help, happy holidays!

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    I added cardamom in ours this year along with your other spices. It is expensive but added an exotic, gingerbread-like taste and aroma. Don't overdo it though.


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      Sorry for the late reply. I brewed a spiced winter ale last year, used 4# ginger, 2# sweet orange peels, and 1/2# cinnamon sticks, 23# of local honey in a 12 bbl. batch. The cinnamon goes a long way, it was definitely noticeable; 12 oz. in 7 bbls. may be a little much.......
      Paul Thomas
      Sockeye Brewing


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        Honey and Orange sound fine. With the cinnamon you might consider making a tea. Jephro turned me onto the idea and it works very well. For 7bbl's, simmer the cinnamon in a quart or two of water for 30 minutes, strain into a corney and blow into the bright until flavor level your going for is reached. Or you can just dump 1/2 in the bright then transfer right on top and use remaining to "tweak".

        Anyway, 12oz's seems a little much. 5-7 maybe?


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          brewed tonight. had did a total of 7oz cinnamon, 8oz ginger, 8 oz orange zest, 8 oz bitter orange peel, 15# honey. smelled great!

          i'll post the results of the taste as soon as possible.
          thanks for the replys and that cinnamon tea in a separate vessel idea sounds good.