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  • maltodextrin addition

    Does anyone have a rule of thumb regarding the addition of maltodextrin to brewery level recipes? I have been playing around with various recipes on the 3.5 barrel and higher level and am concerned with mouthfeel and head retention.
    I don't want my future beers to be"chewy" or have a 6" head that lasts for a week after you finish the beer if that makes any sense. I don't believe that I should increase the amount of MD in direct proportion with my recipe amounts.
    Can anyone give me some insight on this?

    Thaks in advance,
    David Scarborough
    Brewer at large
    East coast USA

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    Some people may disagree, but the use of MD isn't really needed at all if you are sticking to a good mashing schedule. If you want body and head, but not TOO much, just increase your mashing temp by 1 or 2 degrees and use a small amount of flaked barley in your grist bill.

    If you're keen on using some though, I feel MD scales similarly to darker and roasted larger batch sizes, use have to use less or they become overpowering.


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      Mouth feel and head retention are not only from dextrin malt. Type of base malt, mash temp., type of hop and hop adddition, your water and the type of yeast are what you should be focusing on. I have had some good results from carafoam, Wyeremann, but I typicaly point to perfecting the "first five" I mentioned above.
      Mark Duchow
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