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SRM calculations for final product

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  • SRM calculations for final product

    I was wondering what people are using for calculating the color of their recipes and if any of the many i've seen are the generally excepted equation. I've used ProMash for most of my recipe formulations and found it to be pretty spot on. I seen's efficiency calculator. I've seen the graph in Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels comparing MCU's to SRM's. And lastly I've used the equation(the only one I've actually found) of calculating MCU's - L of grain multiplied by lbs added up and then divided by gallons - and then multiplying it by .46. If there's anything else out there, I'd just like to know if anyone has a generally excepted calculation which could be used as the trump card. thanks.

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    I found the Morey equation which seems to be the most widely accepted.

    SRM = 1.4922 [(MCU) ^ 0.6859] - for values of SRM < 50