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DIY ABV Calculator for Fruit Additions

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  • DIY ABV Calculator for Fruit Additions

    Hey all, I got tired of fumbling around for a way to accurately adjust ABV after adding fruit to a beer, so put together a simple excel calculator to help calculate the adjusted ABV. It is based on the following formula:

    Effective Brix/Plato = (Weight of beer x Brix/Plato of beer + Weight of fruit x Brix/Plato of fruit) / (Weight of beer + Weight of fruit)

    This formula is thoroughly outlined in the post by The Mad Fermentationist here >

    With a few simple values, it should accurately indicate the effective Plato after adding fruit, and calculate the adjusted final ABV. I would love it if some other people would be willing to try it out by inputting their confirmed data into the formula and see if the given info is accurate. If so, hopefully this simple tool can help others in the future. I'm unable to upload the excel sheet here, but I created a limited access version of the sheet available in google docs.


    -Tim Curran, Upper Pass Beer Company

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    Thank you!