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Hazy IPA Post Package Bonding Of Proteins

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  • Hazy IPA Post Package Bonding Of Proteins

    Hi Guys,

    I've seen very little posting or information on this anywhere but I'm sure we're not the only people to have this issue having spoken to another brewer a few weeks ago who has exactly the same issue. I'm well aware of the limited life of hazy beers and we give ours what we feel is an appropriately short shelf life of 6 months or less(sometimes 3 depending on the beer). I feel this is a different issue.
    The process - Ferment, D-rest, drop/crop yeast at 10C, dry hop at raised temperature, second D-rest, crash to -1 for 3-5 days(more if possible) drop all hops daily, transfer to brite and leave for at least a week in brite.
    The issue - Beer pours and tastes exactly as we want from brite with zero sediment(Still super hazy, but brite color) and when going to package is a perfect. Within 3-4 weeks I've started noticing small white clumps appearing in packaged product which seems to get worse with time.
    30% of the grainbill is combo of wheat and oats in this beer, but equally thats pretty standard for the style I feel. We are starting to do some forced aging tests but I'm wondering if other people are avoiding this issue by reducing the protein content a little or using a different yeast. Or if this is a widespead problem.
    Super happy with the beer and haven't had many complaints yet but can see it becoming an issue going forward.
    Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and managed to resolve it successfully by altering recipe slightly(kinda a core beer so don't want to go playing around with recipe too much). Very happy with London III as yeast strain but if I thought if was the yeast would be willing to switch.
    Any feedback or experiences would be appreciated,

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    I've noticed the same issue, we changed our formulation a little and we will be canning the batch in a week or so, but I'll circle back around in a couple months to let you know if anything has changed with ours.